The European Union is not working, there may be a lot of arguments, peace arguments, economical arguments, power arguments. But at the end of the day it does not work.

According to the renowned historian Paul Kennedy, the reason why the EU is not working, is because it is too diversified. Other powers as China and to a lesser degree South America and India have a better organization and will therefore win in the long run.

It has been my ambition to turn that development by eliminating the weaknesses of European culture and strengthening the virtues.

This has happened both in east ans west.

But, to my dismay, the process is going very slow in Europe, that is mainly because of the autocratic and inept control by the European Union. Some of the seeds and ideas I have had have blossomed and are bearing fruit, like the faith of Europe and the strengthening og the national ideas.

But due to the oppressive nature of the Bruxelles bureaucracy, the progress is halted to a stop, and often to a regression.

Why is this so?

The problem is the lack of understanding of how the political framework of democracy and nation states work.

Basically the nation-state is the remake of the polis state, or the city-state of Mesopotamia specifically Babylon that we know from the bible.

Here the principles and ideas of the modern state were developed and later advanced by luminous city states as Sparta and Athens.

The system works like this. A city will only work, if the citizens cooperate. In order to cooperate, they need to shed their own egoistic drive, and start sharing and loving their neighbors. If we only think about ourselves, the city will not function.

Now all are not prone to share and respect their neighbors, so they start looting and stealing. This is why we have law, to stop those who abuse the sharing and solidarity stance of the good citizens.

In the European Union, the makers of the project saw the project as a peace project, blaming the nations for the initiation of war.

This is basically false. Nations do not necessarily make war, people make war. If they are egoistic and greedy.

Simply undoing all nations does not stop the basic problem of the citizens of Europe, that is egoism, it only makes a new framework where egoism can find new ways of doing things.

The great problems today are twofold. One is the open borders. This makes it possible for thieves coming from poorer areas of the European Union to steal from the richer parts of the union. Thereby bringing unrest and calamity that was unnecessary.

Secondly it lies in the internal economical system. The free market philosophy favors the strong. There are no protection of the weak. As a consequence, the weak countries lose their productive capacity, and the strong gain. This is why Germany has won and countries like Spain and Italy has lost.

Therefore I advice a diminishing of the power of Bruxelles and a strengthening of the nation states.

This does not exclude cooperation on areas that make sense, but it should be a balanced and wise cooperation. The best thing would be to make the cooperation follow the lines of the Roman Empire. Because these lines are basically cultural lines. Then again, this may not be such a good idea, since there are many cross overs.

In the end, it is not up to the politicians, it is up to the citizens of the nation-states, what they want. Not the elite, they are solely servants to the public.

G-d bless the will to serve a better cause.

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