The new world order

There are new alignments in the world, and in these days these alignments are changing rapidly.

In the Cold War, Russia and the US was opposed to each other, and all the rest of the world had to align to this dichotomy.

Now, the East – West alignment has simply stopped. Russia is not interested in ruling the world, it is simply interested in protecting Russians.

So the fight has changed, add to this the end of the ideological opposition between communism and capitalism, simply the world is different.

All players in the world are trying to realize their own role in this new world order, some with more luck than others. I really believe Barack and I came a long way in his first tenure, and perhaps the seeds we planted will blossom in the future, bringing a more solidly based United States of America.

Likewise in Europe, here Germany has shed the role as follower and are starting to lead the European mainland.

In fact the entire picture has become much more complex and difficult to understand.

Is this good or bad?

Well it depends on your ambition, if you wish to rule over the entire world, it is bad, if you wish to rest and replenish your stock, it is good.

In times of peace, you have the possibility to reenergize your economy and strengthen yourself in terms of material prowess.

This is the time for that.

G-d bless the will to peace.

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