I find it extremely difficult to seep through all the information floating around concerning Ukraine. It seems to me, that there is an ongoing confrontation on a secret level between Russia and the US. But it also seem to me, that the situation on ground is totally out of control, and the large powers are more or less powerless and not able to steer the conflict much.

This is a problem, because this makes the possibility of a peaceful solution almost impossible to reach.

I however really agree on one thing with mr. Putin. Using military against civilians is not really that great.

On the other hand, it is difficult to conclude much on the level of professionalism of the Donetsk fighters, and who they may include of foreign fighters.

All in all, it is a mess, and instead of using the mess in the great power game, I really believe the international community should start finding solutions to stem the chaos and give peace to the hapless citizens of Ukraine. We risk a Syria scenario with prolonged warfare, and that would be a catastrophe for all involved.

G-d bless the peace we may find.

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