Peace process

The Middle East is still trying to get over the post Kerry peace attempt. The attempt had the opposite effect than intended. This is a story told, and a story soon forgotten, because the motivation is still here, everybody wants peace, it just has to be by the right people, in the right sequence of action.

First of all, there are some wounds to be healed. The wise clerics of Iran are very worried, the entire political system was prepared to enter onto the path of peace when the late peace process started, and are now worried. Especially because they are afraid that Israel will not meet them on the path of peace.

This is nothing to worry about. As long as we can initiate the discussion between Iran and Israel on a serious basis, where all participants are in it for the common goal, progress can be made. But it should be an honest and true communication.

Then the next step is the positive visit by his eminence pope Francis to Jerusalem. It will, hopefully, be the point of initiation of the new peace process that will not focus on the conflicts between the Palestinians and Israeli citizens, but will focus on the common ground of all three monotheistic religions.

This is really the motivation and the motor of the peace process, it is not about the well being of the citizens of Israel or Palestine, it is a higher goal. Not to diminish the security of Israelies and Palestinians, but to make the process something that all three monotheistic religions can understand and see as something worthwhile.

It is an extremely delicate process, but done with the right intention and skillfully enough, we might realize not only the mission of Israel, Iran, saidiarabia, Russia, USA, Rome and many more nations, but also the mission spirit to reappear on the soil of man.

This is basically the mission, and we should never forget and always Remember this. It is about the mission of G-d, that he may life again among the material world we inhabit. This is it, it is not about territory, power or short sighted gain. It is about the mission of G-d.

May he bless our common endeavor.

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