20140505-143310.jpgThe crisis in Ukraine is now entering its final phase. Many deeds and atrocities have been done. There may be different arguments for what have been done. But we should always remember, that people who are not here anymore have sisters, brothers, children and friends. And they pay the price we extoll from them when we take their loved ones away.

Looking in the rear mirror of the situation in Odessa, where many people died, I know that this mistake will be very difficult to forgive. The Right Sector did one mistake; they thought too much of themselves and too little of the society.

Right Sector see themselves as heirs to the crusaders. Well, being a member of the hospitaliers and having the honour as being bestowed with the cross of the ancient nights, I may have a certain weight in this matter.

Look at it this way. When the crusaders fought in the Middle East they did not do it to create chaos, they did it to protect the pilgrims.

The pilgrims were preyed upon, and had no protection, the hospitaliers and the nights Templar stood guard over them at the crossings and in Jerusalem.

My point is, to be a true night, your mission is to protect the weak. Stand guard over them, so that they may reach their destiny on their path.

This is what a night is being all about, not firing at innocent and unprotected people. It is a badge of honour, not a pass to do whatever seems fortitous in a situation.

What defines a night is his honour, his adherence and obedience not only to the law but also to a code of ethics. His manliness lies in his ability to straighten his back and tell the truth.

Law is not something that is written in books, it is a discipline of a man to adhere to and something that is inside.

Why do people respect the nights? It is because they knew that he would always be on the side of good, protecting the weak, and riding poor and straightbacked to fight for good. He would be the last stand for a nation, but he would be unconquerable, because he did not fight only with his hand, but also and more importantly with his heart full of light and justice.

This is to be remembered in the conflict that lie in front of us.

G-d bless the wise and strong if they humble themselves to the level of the will of the people.

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