The nations of Europe are gathering in new formations. After the next round of European Union electorate rounds, a new party with the pro nationalist are forming. At the head of the new community is France who, as always, are leading new philosophical developments of Europe.

It is extremely important, that the new community gets off in a positive way. We need to stress what binds us together, not what puts us apart. We are all a part of a new movement that is pronationalist, at the same time we have formed an ideology that is positive and pro life.

It is not about who we hate or dislike, it is all about what we like and what we are strongly in favor of.

Progress is about finding new ways in a difficult situation, to deliver answers on difficult questions. This is the option we have now. To ensure that Europe live to fight another day, and that there may be nations, freedom and prosperity not only for us, but also for our children.

As in Ukraine, we need to understand, that as long as we are not coherent in our ways, and start fighting each other, we will loose, but if we stand and fight for the same cause we will win. As I have tried to say before, divided we lose, united we stand.

G-d bless the will to unite in the interest of the people of Europe.

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