imageWe are now heading for a new change of paradigm within the European community. For a long time the French old regime, that is the 68, have pushed for a tightening of European nations into a federation. This has to end, the new generation have different ideas.

If we look at the difference there are marked principle ideas that are different. Where the old generation worked on a easing of national identity, we work on a strengthening of national identity.

This calls us back to the idea of a nation state, an idea molded in the fair gardens of Eden, perfected in Babylon and enhanced to a crying and luminous beacon of civilization in the minds of the ancient philosophers of Greece.

This is the cup we wish to drink, not as Socrates to die, but as a rejuvenating nectar of the wells of the G-ds.

What I believe is necessary, is to create a common platform we all share, so that we have a set of principles that binds us together. It would be a catastrophe if we ended up in the same mess as the generations of the 20′ th century.

So it is an alignment; culturally as well as philosophically.

There are basically two camps in the anti EU menagerie. Those who wish to be a part of the establishment, and those who wish to make a revolution.

In the first camp we see UKIP and Danish Peoples party. These two parties believe, that the anti EU campaign can be resolved within the system, and are actively seeking accord with media, other politicians and bureaucracy.

This is their choice and somehow I wish them all the best of luck.

The other part are the revolutionaries, they wish to change the entire system. To make a new Europe, where we are not under the scrutiny and oppression of the EU bureaucrats. They see the European Union as a tyranny.

I wholeheartedly support the revolutionaries. In Denmark I am basically the only revolutionary left, and this is not due to my own actions, but due to drift towards the corrupt middle ground by all parties. They have caught on to the corruption, as we saw with the acceptance of the torture of my little girl Rakel, the very same mechanisms as in Nazi Germany is in the Danish system.

So, to keep the beat, and stay on course, we need to make our priorities simple and attainable.

We cannot, alone, tear down the behemoth the European Union, but we can do it in unison. We need to unite.

This is difficult, but in the light of the seriousness of the matter, and the destruction of our beloved and mortally threatened nations, we need to put our differences aside and unite in interest of the community.

The common platform should be a platform of conservatism. But not the negative and oppressive conservatism, a new and positive conservatism. A conservatism of joy, love and light.

We have the tools, we have the ideas, we just need to unite to pull forward and create momentum again. We have done it before, we can do it again.

Therefor, I call upon all who have the love of their country, to put aside differences and unite. It should be around a round table, as the nights of yore. A table where all attendees are equal.

This is what we can learn from our ancestors, to unite in times of danger, and hopefully win by the good grace of our brothers in arms.

G-d bless the unity we will win.

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