imageThe European elections have come to a conclusion, the Ukraine crisis have come to a conclusion and the world has truly changed.

The implications will not be felt right now, but a few years up ahead we will truly bear witness to change.

What is really the result of these occurrences. First of all, we did manage to keep peace in Europe in the face of a tremendous crisis. This will be a great victory for mr. Barack Obama. Diplomacy does work after all. You could argue that peace we have made was a result of economic sanctions, but really Russia are fully capable of handling its own affairs and can just turn to China. No, it was because all could see the reason in not engaging in a fully fledged conflict. After all, we are the same culture, and if we start fighting each other, all will lose.

In the long run, trust has actually been gained, it may seem a little far fetched, but right now Russia has actually gained a lot of trust in Europe, perhaps not officially, but deep down, unconsciously, Europeans recognizes, that Russia has become Russia again, and we can start to get along. There will off cause be rivalries, and Russia is the leader of the conservative spring, so it will be back to reclaim glory.

But it will be a peaceful contest, and not a contest with armed conflict.

The European culture is having a rebound, brought forth by Russia.

The European Union is having serious trouble. Not only economically but also in regards to trust by the public. The EU elite might continue business as usual, but it simply cannot contain the anger, the frustration and the rebellion it meets in the Northern Europe.

If it does not change its course, it will rack the national parliaments completely, overturning ancient and stable systems.

I have called for unity, but to be honest, many of my readers are totally chaotic. I wish it was otherwise, but they are warriors and warriors tend to believe in fighting.

This challenge will and should be met with wise words, and not violence.

But change will happen in Europe before or later, and it will be violent.

So what does this imply for the conservative movement? It implies that we should start organizing. Organize, organize, organize. The better we are a organizing, the greater the outcome will be.

Hopefully we will avoid bloodshed, but I really doubt it, and in this situation we will need professional politicians, armies, states, police forces to stem the outbreak of violence.

G-d bless the peace we may win, but will probably have to fight for.

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