There is still a lot of war going on in Ukraine, especially in the East, in the two rebel regions Lugansk and Donetsk. For whatever it is worth, I wholeheartedly condemn it. It is the right of all people to choose themselves which nation they belong. Otherwise it is tyranny.

I understand the plight and the ambition of Ukraine, and I support it as well. But having seen trouble does not give you the right to make the same trouble to someone else.

As we Jews, we have always been persecuted, but this does not give us the right to be persecutors, on the contrary we should be better than that.

Ukraine is a warn torn country, it has always been the gateway between east and west, so war is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the Kievan Rus. But why fight ourselves, we are the same people, be Kievan Rus or just Russians. It does not make any sense to me.

So please let down the weapons, return to the negotiation table and make a deal.

G-d bless all who will compromise and understand the will of his enemy, and understand where it might combine with his own.

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