136532_f520The European conservatives are in a bit of a cat fight. Perhaps we can look at it this way; it is not about who we wish to be, but about what we are.

Being a conservative these days are the same as a constant witch hunt. Then we are accused of this, then we are accused of that. What really matters is; what we are.

Conservatives carry a tainted legacy. Somehow conservatives ended up as the heirs to Hitler and his national socialism.

There are many colors of nationalism, you could support this or that version of it. For me, supporting national socialism is like chopping a hand of myself. After all, I am a jew.

So what are the mechanics, and how can we avoid them, or even grow stronger in this shadow that someone else threw over us.

We can define our own and new philosophy.

Often our opponents throw accusations against us, but we can turn these accusations around, if we are truthfully adherents to a new way of doing things. This has basically been the success of Danish Peoples Party, that has been copied in many countries. The philosophy has been changed in the face of the accusations, and now actually DPP is an accepted and very strong party.

How did we do that. First of all, we took out socialism, and put in democracy. Today we are liberal nationalists. This make sense in many ways. First of all, because if we look back at the heritage we have from our ancestors, well they were protodemcrats. Secondly, the opposition to Islam, is much more efficient and true, if we oppose it on a democratic base. It is not that we cannot be religious, we are, and we are happy to be it. But we do not oppose Islam on this ground, it would break our new status. Thirdly, we need to understand, that it is not about what we fight against, it is about what we fight for. If we are to have a comeback as a continent, we need to know who we are. Therefor, we need to strengthen our own culture. This is about mythology. We need to hark back to the founding stories of each our nations, and put these back on the curriculum. We need the heroes to be alive again.

So when people call us racist, well we just say, that we are not racist, we are national democrats. In opposition to Islam, it is not he religion per se we discuss, it is the political part of Islam.

This ideology will make us all accepted.

UKIP does not accept us, Mr. Farage believes us to be racist. Well, ok, UK will not be liberated by just being freed, it has to regain its strength culturally as well. This is the part Mr. Farage lacks, the mythology, and this is exactly why he needs to shed the fear of being labeled and start being British again. He is an Englishman is he not, well perhaps he should be proud about that instead of putting himself away from what he is.

This path will bring us further and closer to a true spiritual unity across the nations of Europe.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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