Chip in

I have had a long time writing, not making a single penny. This was ok, especially when I was alone and did not have a responsability for my little family. But things change, and the constant pressure by the state, using my diluted economical state, have made me decide taking a small fee for the reading here on rubicon. After all, all the pieces you read are made from bottom up, no copying, no reference, just fresh and new texts every time something is written.

And yet one thing is to earn a living on what you love to do, another thing is to live in indulgence. This is not the aim of this blog, so in two ways I try to circumvent this challenge. Firstly, all who are not that well off, can get acces for free, secondly, all income above a normal salary of a teacher here in Denmark, is given to hospital building with the order of the knights hospitaliers. Hopefully we can amass a lot of funds, to help people who are ravaged by war.

I hope you forgive me for this action, I know a lot of you do not like to pay for text here on the net. But writers need to live too.

I bless all who are willing to give to a noble cause.

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