imageThere is an ongoing debate in Europe, in USA, in Russia about the roots of us all. This discussion is stigmatized, and if you try your luck at it, often people start to yell, call you a racist and what is worse. This spills into the political sphere, where the new pro nationalist parties are often stigmatized and vilified, to the extent that people either kill as in Breiviks case or are killed as in Theo van Goghs case.

What is really happening, and why are we, as cultures forced to understand and strengthen this development, but in a manner that it actually does some good, and does not end up in another bloody war?

Let me give you an example that most liberals really understand well, and will, hands down, really like.

My beautiful wife has worked a long time with indeginous people in South America, in Guatemala to be precise. We have actually just had a visit by one of her Indian friends from Guatemala, who stayed with us for a week. Sweet person indeed.

The problem with the indeginous people in South America as well as in Northern America is joblessness, too much drinking, and broken families. Why? Because they have lost their faith. So Maria, she goes there and tries to strengthen their culture and support their fight when it comes to legal rights.

My wife has this father, he is a true hippie, with a great beard and he works with kids. For a long time his prime hobby was riding on a one wheeled bike, and teaching all the kids to ride one one wheeled bikers as well.

Now, he has changed his hobbies, he has become a Viking. In Denmark we still have a very living Viking tradition, so he has become a smith, and he bangs away the whole day, with his great arms on viking swords and talks about making this family tent.

Now why does he do that? He told me, it was because he felt that he was loosing his culture, and he wanted to regain it. His family has, more or less been torn to pieces by globalism, and he feels that his roots are withering.

You see the parallel? It is exactly the same mechanisms that are working against the South American Indians that are working against us up here in the north. Our culture, and our roots are withering away. This brings demoralization, lack of faith, broken families, and drug abuse.

Already I have seen these tendencies in the ghettoes, where young Danes are swept away, and lose their identity. They feel like drowning, and that makes them want to fight. Fight for their own right to be what they are; Danes, Englishmen, True Finns and so on.

It is a fight for survival, because if they do not win, they will lose much more than their freedom, they will lose themselves, their families, their faith.

That is why they, or we are so desperate.

Now, to win the battle however, we are fighting an uphill battle. Not only are we threatened in our own country by enemies as jihadist and the like, we are also threatened by the same liberals who can see nothing wrong in supporting the American Indians in their fight, but when it comes to their own culture, they swing around and start the flaggelanting.

My contribution has been to try and formulate some of the principles that has grown here in Denmark; the anti Islamist agenda, the pro religion, the pro democracy , the pro Israel agenda.

Being a Jew, and coming from a Jewish family that actual was a part of a Danish rennaessance, it seemed natural. Not to mention that my father was a Muslim, so I have never had the extremely negative view on Muslims. I really liked my father, he was a true liberal, but I do not care much for jihadists.

So, my point is, we cannot stop this development, and we should not stop this development, we should just try and understand it, and support it. Not when it goes ballistic and starts wars, but when it is healthy and vital for the populations we all are a part of.

At least, I have not started growing a Viking beard, but I must admit, that I have admired the the original Icelandic smithy that my father in law has built, and my daughter is not only called Rakel, she is also called Freja.

G-d bless the will to understand and accept normal peoples need to be normal wellfunctioning, just normal.

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