Prayer_lgFor too long have the believers in G-d put the true nature of their calling aside, and have been absorbed by the nature of the material world. Theft, greed, disregard of the true nature of spirit has prevailed. G-ds name have been, often, misused by his followers to gain something in the material world.

This is, to my mind, a grave mistake, we cannot let us be absorbed by materialism in the course of our actions, we cannot not see our neighbors as they are; someone who are also just persons.

We can choose to live and let go, or we can chose to try reach over the aisle, and understand.

In each our versions of the one true G-d, there are enigmas we have to face to overcome the barrier between ourselves and G-d. These barriers are our own isolation when it comes to community. We do not see our fellowmen as they are, we see only our own barriers.

Now, I implore all, who attend the meeting in the Vatican, to shed the schackles of our physical being, and understand, no, fight for the possibility to lift the ban of Sodom and Gomorra, do not follow the path of unjust, of the egoistic, of Satan.

Be a member and a fellowman, in order to put aside our differences and pray for peace.

May G-d bless the one true understanding of our world, spiritual as well and physical.

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