European Union

Living in the outskirts of The European Union, and having lived with the practical consequences of the schlerotic behemoth, some unwise politicians are trying to build, it is with a slight dissapointment and wonder I see the empirebuilders continue their flight against the ground.

What is The European Union really? To understand this, we have to look upon the historical development, the vanity of our leaders and the principle of democracy in distress.

First of all, the European union is a union forged with good intentions. It all started way back in France where humanist thinkers wanted to bring Europe to a status of peace and stability. In the usual french way; manipulation and secret plans, the European Union was build. It was to, through a secret plan, unite the wartorn continent.

Well here we are. The European Union is just on the brink of completion. The french strategy worked. It has now turned all the central European countries into a unity of some kind. It is difficult to define the political structure of the EU. In some ways it is a democracy. There is a parliament, a system of judges and so on. But the horrendous corruption of the system, I mean, it was made through the deceit of the European politicians, makes it absolutely unfit as a political entity. Usually a political entity is either made by the people, or by a bunch of back ally philosophers.

The citizens of Europe only accept the system because of either bribery or threats, and the tribes are suffering.

The rest of the world is moving towards a more sound system of ruling; the rule of law is strengtened in most countries, minority rights are more strong, religious freedom is improving. But in the European Union it all goes in the wrong direction; the people of Europe are the antagonists of the Eurocrats, the tools as islamization and theft of folkrights and freedoms are the tools of the bureaucratic czars of Bruxelles. There is absolutely no respect and trust between the citizens and the superstate projected by the elite.

The dream; to make a more peaceful world and a more peaceful Europe, has become a nightmare.

Yes Germany can sacrifice itself on the altar of the Eurocrats, but that will not solve the basic problem of the European Union; a dysfunctional state. It will just end the strength of Germany. It is quite simple; the leaders of a country are supposed to serve and protect. They are supposed to put the wellbeing of the citizens before their own interests. But because the european leaders are so formed by the inception of the European Union, that is stealth and manipulation, the sacrifice of their own interests, are so far away from their own perception, as it can possibly be. You cannot transform from being a thief to a saint in a forthnight. The European Union was forged as a den of scoundrels, and it will always be that, a gloss of democratic institutions cannot change that.

Take the way the European Union uses the judges. When Denmark made a few rules and laws the European Union did not like. They simply made a verdict of the judges that the rule was not in accordance with some super european rule. Thereby debasing the integrety of the judges. Judges are supposed to be epigons of justice and neutrality not just a hand of the a corrupt bureaucracy.

It is tearing Europe apart, and while the rest of the world slowly make progress towards a more peaceful and just world, Europe withers into chaos and disruption.

G-d bless all the tortured souls of the European continent.

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