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We are now entering the holiday season of the election. Fewer people will actually look on our campaing, so we have to slow down just a little, not too much, just a little.

The relentless pressure on Romney have paid off in the strategic game, he is hardpressed, and his closest allies are leaving him. Going on a campaign train when he held a holiday was quite a hit, cudos for that.

We however can also press too much, and the electorate, especially in swings states as Ohio will tire of our pressure. Give them just a little breathing space, and save some money.

We have put him on the defensive, and he is, right now, trying to find a way to get into offensive. We will see if he will choose the positive or the negative strategy. Probably a mix. He will tout his business experience, and try to find some dirt to throw at us.

So a dirt repealing strategy has to be envisioned. It could be the truth seekers who could try to counter the blow, that is, try to sift through the attack, and tell things at they are.

There is one thing that struck me with the bus tour. It seems a bit negative, at least that is what I can read in the Washington Newspapers. I do not know if it is really true. But listen, fighting is very dangerous in one thing; you tend to get cynical. If you have, repeatedly, brought your wellmeaning and honest ideas in front of an audience, and they have turned it down over and over again. You get hurt, and, in the end, you lose your faith in compromise and dialogue.

This is where faith comes in. You always have to believe in the possibility of a outstretched hand, if there is any chance that that hand will be met. You should not be naive; if people abuse you, it is bad. But if there is a possibility for compromise and cooperation, you should always leave that door open. It all comes down to love. You know, in all these long years, when I fought for my country; most of my friends have left me, half of my family, I have had the secret police breathing down my neck. My refuge was writing my book about love. How to find it, how to truly make it happen. It kept me going on, and it kept my belief in humanity. Now, it seems, after the book has been published, that I am, after all these years, somehow accepted a little again. Why? Because people respect you when you truly fight for love. Love of your family, friends, and country.

I do not know if this holds true for all, but I do know, that it is the right thing to do.

G-d bless us all

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