Newton and politics

My philosophizing has lead me further down a new ally. Before, I tried to combat Marx, Feuerbach and Darwin on their premises, in my own search for G-d. These are eminent philosophers, and I do not, for a second, doubt the quality of the thought of them all. But, to be realistic, there is, at least, two great thinkers of our time one has to wrestle with, in order to realize the potential of a new cosmological synteses; Newton and Einstein.

Why? Because both, or rather, the first, Newton, realized and defined the ideas of today. The profound believe we have in science as the only mode of truth, is not just the science of dialectics. Dialectics of a Socratic mould is not really respected, only one powerful mode of thought is really respected, because of Newton; mathematics. Newton called mathematics the language of G-d. Why? Because he believed, that the perfect truth could be found through matemathics. Well, he did find some truths, and that is, as a curiosity, truths close to magic, but that does not rule out dialectics. Properly put, dialectics can be almost as powerful as mathematics. At least the realm that Newton did not discover in his endeavours are still prone to be tested by dialectics, and if we can underpin it with the wisdom of the ancients, well I believe we have as much a case as Newton. After all, he found the same answers as I do, in the realm of Egypt and classical greek thought.

Now, where does that bring us politically? First of all, I believe the combination of metaphysics and politics that I have had the honour to conduct is beginning to find its followers in the outskirts of European thought and territory. This is not meant as an isult, but just as an argument and principle. How come that the centre of Europe; The European Union, is digging in in autocratic and undemocratic institutions, and have no moral sense when it comes to the opression of the powerless countries like Greece? Well, I think it is because of dissilusion. We still do not believe in anything here in Europe, so the vultures and the criminals and other evil apparition have a free leash to supress and treat badly.

Happily, both the Russian, the Israeli and the American nations are rapidly improving. There are good signs of a beginning when it comes to a rennaesance of nationhood and spirit. In fact Russia and Israel are currently the leaders in this development. Not that I do not wish to help the Anglo Saxons, I do, and I will continue to do it. But the Anglo Saxons are very hardpressed by the EU when it comes to England, and by a huge debt in terms of moral and economics when it comes to America.

This can be turned around, and we are doing some progress, but still it is a little difficult.

However. In the centre, lawlesness, umpunity, lack of respect and outright theft is the rule of the day. Just imagine the theft of the danish sea. There is no more fishermen in Denmark, it was all stolen by the EU. Or the islamization done by the eurocrats. The alliance with Hamas, we could go on for ever. Stupidity and outright evil is the game of the day.

But, luckily we are seeing good signs. And as Empedochles says. In nature, there is a development between love and strife. Strife will come after love, that will come af strife. We need to protect the little bubble of love that is nascent here in Denmark, and perhaps it can spread to the rest of the tribes. Or, even, to the rest of the world.

We wish, and we pray for redemption.

G-d bless the human race.

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