The pictures of desecrated churches in Syria is spell of what is to come if we continue the support of the Sunni rebellion against Assad.

The Christian minorities are not protected, and are in harms way. The intent of the pro Saudi forces at quite clear; the aim is to strengthen the power of pro islamist or the like in the Middle East.

We see other alarming developments in the Mahgreb; Egypt, partly Libya are falling under the disguised prey of Sunni scholars. That is Saudi Arabia.

Now, Saudi Arabia is a vile player in the Middle East, they play both hands, so we are not certain where they end up. If the islamists are truly strengthening their ties with Iran, we will have created not a more stable and democratic Middle East world, but a much more war driven and dangerous Middle East.

If we continue the support of the Sunni rebels, we might end up in the direct opposite position as we planned in the first phase.

Talking about an American election, desecrated churches by American allies, is a sure minus to the reelection campaign, we cannot afford it, we hardpressed as it is already.

If we are not just and wise in our action, we will lose the support of our allies and the respect of our close cooperators.

Turkey presses on for war, this is due to the obvious suicidal attack on the Turkish jet by Assad, and because Turkey wants to lead the alliance. But if the alliance will be weakened by atrocities done by the Sunnis, the Turks will be in a middle situation where they are engaged in a failing war. We therefor have to try to talk them out of an immidiate attack. We have to make a plan that will 100% ensure the protection of the minorities of Syria in the case of war.

This can be done by planning ahead, and having a clear objective of the war. We should, from the beginning, plan for a three or fourstate solution based on ethnic alliances. The Alawis, the Sunnis, the Christians and perhaps other weak minorities should have the protection of the combined forces of a liberating force.

Only if we can assure the liberties of all the parts in the war can we, with a moral incentive engage in war.

Otherwise we end up supporting desecrates of churces, and that would not only be wrong, it would also make our cause desolete.

G-d bless us all, all of humanity.

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