The Shtandart

The first glimpse of the beautiful schonnert “Shtandart” I got last week was something of an eyeopener for me. I love boats, especially handcrafted, ancient sailers as the Shtandart.

The boat was a part of a small regatta here in Aalborg where I live. I entered the ship, strolled around on it as a menial tourist, gawked at the details and sniffed in the ambience of a pirate like vessel. Then I, by accident, overheard a dialogue between one of the shipmates and another tourist. The shipmate, a danish guy, married to a russian girl, praised the ship off cause, but also the connection between Denmark and Russia. He told the other tourist, that the Shtandart was a bit of an ambassador for Russia, sailing around to regattas around the Nordsee to show the colours of Russia and make friends.

Well, it seems to me, being an avid boat enthusiast, that one friend more was made with me.

And, the openess with Israel is another motivation for me to like Russia. It seems to me, that Russia is having a bit of a renaessance. The roots to the byzantine church are renewed, the democratic system is progressing, and the dialogue with the rest of the West is positive.

This is a good thing. It might spell a turn of the tides for all the decendants of Denmark. Somehow we are all coming together again. As an ancient calling for home.

When roots are watered, new leaves will appear on the tree.

I deeply believe that the great tree of the Rus will blossom again, and bring the people more happiness and love.

G-d bless Russia.

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