I remember when I first read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the endeavours of professor Challenger and his spirited companions. The young lord who fought for freedom and justice in South America, and Conan Doyles firm belief in spirit and the communion with parents and other deceased.

I realized, that he was a part of what one would call true England. Because behind the polished surface of a civilized nation, lies a beating heart for the wellbeing of all people around the world.

This heart is truly under a lot of pressure, and it seems to me, that the people are rallying to the bannermen of their nation; the Queen, the lords and ladys, and some of the best politicians.

It is an ancient culture, it has rested on the fair and meadowclad islands for millienia, many heroes have had their fights, their glory, defeats and victories. But England is now fluttering like a butterfly with wings soiled in dew.

To be able to lift off again, England has to realize where the traumas really was initially brought upon the soul of England.

It seems to me to be clear, having read some of the English litterature, and being in the outskirts of England; The first world war.

The first world war really brought England to its knees. Not only financially but also morally. Too many young people died in a massacre beyond belief. Hundreds of thousands rotted in the trenches along the corpses of horses and other soldiers.

England not only lost its empire at that time, it also lost its belief in spirit, and that is much worse.

Coming from a jewish background, I can see how the jews have fared. Yes there were atrocities, but we never lost faith. That is how we have survived all these years. The faith of the jews is immensely strong, and it has carried us along all the persecutions and slaughter.

England is not forfeit, it just has to regain its faith.

This is how I see the first world war;

The great mistake of the philosophers and intellectuals of the beginning of the 20´th century was the lack of true understanding of how spirit really works. (Still this is a bit of a problem). The argument was not really conducted in a truly profound understanding. This left the argument to Conan Doyle and his peers, they being the last little barrier between disgrace and a full recover of faith.

But the belief in communication with ancestors does not explain the working of spirit. These things are, if they are, just a part of a greater structure.

To really understand what went wrong with the First world war and spirit, you have to understand what spirit is. Spirit is intelligence that lies between matter. It cannot penetrate matter by will, only at birth of a living thing. This gives us free will. We can use the gift of intelligence in a constructive way, or a destructive way.

In the first world war, we used the intelligence we had in a destructive way, not listening to the ethical calling of spirit. It was done in arrogance and lack of peaceful intentions. The wars of that time was something we chose to do, we could have chosen otherwise. That is not to underestimate the pressure of Bismarck and the Preussian mechanized forces, but we had choices here and there.

Now, we have to rise from the tree we fell by. There is nothing wrong with English culture or the people of England. It is a wonderful, amazing, ancient culture that gave humanity so much. If England listen and go with spirit, it will rise again. Maybe not as an almighty empire, but as England. And what is most important; to rule over everybody else, or to be proud of oneself?

G-d bless England.

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