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Several weak spots are already showing in the armour of Mitt Romney; he is not at general, he is a calculating, analyzing, meticoulous, very intelligent and basically nice person. But his main incentive is to win, not to gain the upper hand of America or the West in general. So he is not the best person for us right now.

This will be the general feeling in a very short time, I hope.

This gives us an idea about what we are up against, and an idea on the strategy we might pursue. Still we have to see how the election machine really works when it is up in gear, and we still need to see how Karl Rove will influence the election.

But there are other priorities we need to attend to. Basically we are sitting between two chairs; One: The traditional blue collar workers who have witnessed the outflow of jobs to China and the like. They are generally honest, hardworking, and conservative in their outlook. So they do not like the liberal ideas of free riding, hash smoking liberals. Two: We have the part of the electorate who are on the edge of the society; the gays, the jews, the latinos and the blacks.

These two parts of the voters constituency we somehow have to respect and give some credit. The really dangerous schism here is the discussion of citizensship; the blue collar voters are scared of the competition from the new citizens, and the new citizens are scared not to get a job.

So, in order to balance these two parts of the voters constituency, we have to give the latinos some, but not too much, and we have to work really hard to make new jobs. This will, hopefully, do the balancing act.

Then there are other parts of the constituency we have to reach out for. The most energetic is the young, political voters. They are liberal in the rebellic sense. They want to change the world for a better place, and they want action. The Kony campaign was targeted at them, they are all crazy about that campaign. They want to have some attention on these issues.

You could make a double win by working with Clooney on the project. It is a balancing act as well. We do not wish to be seen as groupies baffling in the light of the Hollywood glitteraties. But as honest coworkers. Stars are just people like you and me, and they are pretty tired of all the attention they get. So you need to work with them as peers. Ask them what they are fighting for, how they see the development, work out something, and they will feel the attention and the gratification of actually getting near their target. In this way you would have reached both Hollywood and the young voters. They will really like it. You have to consider your role in the deal. You are their superstar. When you are home, you do not feel like a superstar, and I know, you are not, you are just a honest man trying to change the world into something better. (A very rare thing in our world today). But seen from their perspective, you are the ultimate superstar.

So, make an entrance in their world, give them a speech to remember, give them some star quality glitterati appearance, and you will talk their language. But do it in a simple way, and with a great respect for their world.

Before the entrance, it is very important to check the possible actions to actually catch Kony with the generals. In this way you have something specific to give them. That will rock their world.

But again, do not appear unnice or distant, be a star among stars.

G-d bless, and we are actually not doing that bad.

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