It is a bit of a mistake to redo the same strategy in Syria as we did in Libya. Why? Because the times were different when we went to war in Syria, it was just after the Arab spring and the liberal movements were quite strong at the time.

The movement has ceased to have any real power right now, and we cannot use it as a motor to make more democracy.

We can however do it in another way. Democracies are dependent on a people. A people is often defined by a shared heritage and common values. As America, as Denmark, as Israel.

Now, one of the main problems of Syria is the ethnic confrontations between the different groups. The Alawites hate the Arabs, the Arabs hate the Christians and so on.

If we hand a free hand to the Arabs to fight the Alawites. The Alawites know that they are fighting with their back against the wall. If they fall, massslaughter might happen.

Now, this is off cause not a scenario we would want to witness, and especially if we hand them the power.

I know that Denmark is not a part of the force now, but I still support the West.

We have to do at least one thing; we have to prepare the fall of Assad, that is, we have to prepare for the refugees, the humanitarian costs and so on. The best solution would be to defend them, if they end up in the mountains and make their last stand up there. Let them, at least, have that piece of land to make them safe.

The christians should be protected as well. Here Israel could have a role. With the new positive relations with the Vatican state, the protection of the Christians could be an act of good will and friendship towards the Pope. It is just an idea, and it has to worked out the Roman church.

The best thing however, would be to work out an agreement with Assad right now. He is not a bad man, he is just scared. If an agreement with him could be made, it would stop the bloodshed, and make a better peace. I know he has rejected my ideas before. But the most fair solution to the crisis would be to share the land with the rest of the inhabitants of Syria. Make a state for each people, as everybody are crying out for in Gaza and Israel. Why not i Syria as well? In the long run, it would be the most secure solution for everybody, because each people could have their own state to watch out for them.

G-d bless Middle East peace.

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