Europe is in a deep trouble right now, as the rest of the West and East, the old formulae has been tried, and found not worthy our use. The ideas of the European Union and a state/bank controlled system is not popular, and as all such things, it cannot work in eternity without popular support. The popular support has to kick in at some point otherwise it will not work. According to the historian Kennedy in his epic work; The Rise and fall of the great powers, the structure of the European Union is simply to unstable to work, so it will default at a given point, as all other great powers has done in history.

This has been my strategical point of departure from my first initial moves in the European political life. It made me reason like this; ok, if the European Union is destined to fall anyway, we need to construct an ideology that will have the ability to gently pick up the European states after the fall. It will take a while, but the movement was already very significant five six years ago when I started. The ideology was spread to most of the pronational parties through SIAD. It came to England through EDL, to France through Generation Identitaire, and off cause drove the system of Denmark through my own work.

At this point in history, after the great powers have all realized that I am trying my best to help them counter the destructive elements in their own nations, the focus has shifted from Russia, Israel and the United States of America back to Europe.

So, the situation is much different from what it was five – six years ago. Today I am a respected philosopher with an international reach and a hard proven record.

This has helped elevate Tommy Robinson in England, and I do not know what is happening in France, but I hope it is going ok, my feeling is it does.

Now, the strategy was not only to help the Nations in the struggle for independence and a moral come back. It was also to tackle one of the great problems we have today; the radical Islam.

Now, as in the race issue, things are never black and white. There are always different colours to any situation. There are many different Muslims, and many ways to interpret Islam. For my part, I believe Mohammed, blessings on him, is a man of peace and justice. His inspiration in the old testament is clear and his ideals were the Jewish prophets like Daniel and Ezekiel. Both men of great wisdom and integrity.

Now, there are muslims who choose to see him differently. As the Muslims who go about as barbarians and loot churches in Egypt, burning and pillaging. Obviously this is not civilized, and not a path worth choosing in a modern world. We know who we are talking about; The Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim world seems to have chosen these days. The persian clerics have chosen the path of peace, the Royal Saudis have chosen the path of intelligence and the entire Middle East is on the brink of a renaissance. Hopefully this will help the Middle East in industrialization and progress on its own terms. I really hope that religion and progress will go hand in hand, and the prophets of today will understand that Newtonian science is not a cruel and cold technological progress, but a progress where the understanding of spirit is paramount.

But, back to Europe. Here the Brothers seems to have built their headquarters. According to the Copts, our most precious ally, the Brothers have set up quarters in London.

So they are practically moving the war to Europe. They are living amongst us, and soon we will taste their bitter brew.

Therefor, we will need, and this will be very difficult but necessary; a rebuilding of the moral compass of our Nations, as we fight the brothers in Europe. See the twist guys? We win our own self-worth as we fight a menace that is obviously evil and destructive.

This has been the plan all along, and it will, G-d willing, kick in now.

G-d bless the valiance of the Europeans.

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