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Screen-shot-2012-09-13-at-10.02.14 (1)It comes to my knowledge, that Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the EDL has ended his leadership. Well, after at ridiculous persecution of the media, the police and anything remotely powerful in the arsenal of the English state. Who would wonder? Would you have been able to make it as far as Tommy?

Probably not, because that must have taken a serious amount of courage.

Now ok, we are at the end of the road when it comes to energy this time. I understand it, and I respect it. Who would not? But the fight is not over. In the old times when one line of defense got tired, the next line stood in. When the first line had a break and had some time to recuperate and build up energy, it went into the fray again.

But the thing is, the fray is changing rapidly these days. When I began in SIAD, I had a plan. I wanted to change the perception of the media and the politicians, in fact I wanted to change the perception of the entire West. Coming from a situation where we were the oppressors and we were the bad guys. I wanted the West to stand fast on our own values, democracy, rule of law, human rights in general. In opposition to Islamic hate preachers.

It worked, it created the basis upon what we draw our physical as well as mental defense now.

But it is not over, the real fight is ahead of us, and that will hopefully be conducted by the politicians and the police/military in coordination.

Therefore the violent street manifestations is not so important anymore. Not to diminish it, but to be realistic about our prowess.

Therefor the fray has changed. I do not know how much in England, but here in Denmark Political correctness is really has been.

So to step into the fray again it would be wise to be a part of the political establishment. That would be difficult, but the political wing of EDL is still working, and a career there, would be an opportunity.

Now, to be a politician you need dedication and skills in that as well. It is difficult but not impossible, especially if you have good friends who will help you, and you do. Among the SION, the international wing of SIAD, we will there as a back up. And if you need my personal assistance, go through Bo Hansen, we are friends.

Now, if you consider the political road, I will help you, in fact I will give you a gift, for the exemplary work you have done for your country; a magic word. It will be a door opener, and a potential winning tool.

You see there is one word I have fought vigorously for the last five six years; in the Arab spring, in Egypt, in Denmark. In fact it comes from a liberal socialist theoretician, one of the good guys, not the corrupt fascists that run our current states. It is by a jew called Alinsky, my friend Barack Obama uses it. It is Change. You see, what we are fighting for, as I see it. Is a society where the rules are the democratic ideas of our states. That all have the right to remain free, that all are equal to the law, where we are all citizens in the proud states of our home countries. This is non racial, this is all who wear the colours of England, France or Denmark at heart. That is what Alinsky is talking about when he is talking about Change.

The thing is; Change, as a word will drag you away from all the negative stereotypes of the right wing.

It would boost you, and it would be the right thing to do.

G-d bless you mate. Take care, and be back when you are ready, we will be here for you.

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