Writing with a gun at my forehead

pim-fortuyn-wilde-theo-van-gogh-als-minister-id863092-1000x800-nWhen I first entered into the Islam critic scene, there was a predecessor, someone I really respected. He was a dutch politician and he had balls. Together with the dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh and a lady called Ayaan Hirsi Ali did he put up a fight for his country.

He was a gay, and he was 100% democratic. His name was Pim Fortyun. When I started he had just been killed by a socialist and Theo van Gogh was assassinated not very long after by an islamic hitman. It taught me something; the importance of discretion. Now, I could have blasted Denmark away the same way as Pim Fortuyn did, but I would have been killed, no doubt about it. So I chose to stay in the outskirts of the political scene, and plant ideas, that later softly changed the system to another paradigm.

Now, as I have entertained my honourable audience about here on the blog, they did their best to get rid of me anyway, but somehow, through sheer dedication did I survive in a mental stable state.

But, you should remember they want to kill me. They want to kill me, though I have a daughter of 17 months who would need a father for the rest of her life. Though it would halt the Middle East peace process. Though it would give Europe a serious disadvantage in the forthcoming conflict with the radical Islamists. Though Russia would be on a poorer cause. Though Israel would lose a vital tool in the way forward. Though Christendom would be half it is today. They do not care. They did not care with Pim Fortuyn, they do not care about me.

This is the odds I am trying to beat, and honestly, this outrageous attack on not just me, but on decency, civilization, honesty and spirit is happening still.

Now, when you read what I am writing here on my blog, remember I am writing it with a gun put to my forehead, and the progress you might reap from reading it, is based on the blood of a young girl.

We are always talking so much about the vicious states of the Middle East, the uncivilized Latin America. But hey, you have just been reading something from someone who has not been safe for the last five years. Because of what? Because I could not keep my mouth shut, and therefore needed to be shut up.

Is this something you would just ignore, and let be?

I hope not, not if you really have a conscience.

G-d bless the bold and the free.

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