maatNow I have covered first the KGB of Denmark, then there was the media. But there is a third player in Denmark that has driven its thorns into my forehead; the so-called justice system.

Now, let us have a look at that. Traditionally the system is supposed to deal out justice. As any other justice system, philosophy is the basis of the ideology. In Denmark Alf Ross is the main philosopher we tend to lean upon, he has an idea about “the sense of justice”, that is according to his theory, the people have a sense of justice, almost a spiritual thing, that the judges should provide service for. A very democratic ideal that, traditionally has given Danes af fierce loyalty to its police and judges.

Now, my first encounter with the Danish system of judges was actually in an interview I did with the crown marshal. The first administrator of the royal house. We really found each other in a profound discussion on ethics, values, spirit and conscience. So my feeling about the system was very positive at the outset, since the system of law traditionally is a part of the royal precedence.

But, after the initial introduction came another interview with the now defamed Lars Hedegaard. Before I met Hedegaard, there had been a long time where Hedegaard had read my writings at SIAD, and he was obviously very inspired. So we put up the interview, we had a long discussion before the interview that was coined in a very decisive document, I realized afterwards.

But there we were, some friends, Hedegaard and the blogger behind Snaphanen, who were to publish the interview.

The interview went quite well we all thought, and Hedegaard had the opportunity to make some really forceful punch lines about Islam as he saw it.

We went home, Steen from Snaphanen published the interview on his blog. He had made his own recording of the interview on his cellphone, and that ended up just hilarious.

After the interview went online all hell broke loose. The most intense defamation of anyone in history of the Danish media started. Lars Hedegaard was hunted for sports, and he could not take the beating. I had, at that time initiated several media storms, so I supposed that I stayed pretty calm, but Hedegaard started running around like a headless chicken, blaming everybody else instead of himself of the misery. Well, as a friend I tried to stay loyal, and wrote to him several times proposing different strategies. But all to naught. A plot was forming, Hedegaard is a miser, he is weak and pretty much an idiot when it comes to loyalty, so he told his friends, that i had “put him up”, and it was a trap. This was supposed to win the case in the court. Most unhonuorable. I mean, the honourable thing to do would be to fight for his ideas and what he had said. But i suppose he did not have that courage, so he tried out the chicken way .

Anyway, I really had a feeling about it, so I prepared myself, ironically not to fight for the girls who got raped, but against the miser Lars Hedegaard. As I had a feeling about, he told the jury, that he had not intended the interview, that he “was setup”, that I had betrayed him. There was only one problem for Hedegaard; Asger, and the document I had where we meticulously had defined the interview, where it was supposed to be broadcast, the agenda, the media for recording.

It was all clear, that he lied. But since the offense did not know about the mail, he won his case. Dragging my good name and reputation in the dirt.

Now, justice is about protecting the little man. Who were I with no contacts, no money only my pen to oppose the mighty lion Hedegaard with the force of three lions (that is how his supporters see him). Well being a Jew, and with the story of David and Goliath in my mind, I did it anyway. The state offense asked me to see the mail, and I send it too him. We went up one level in the hierarchy of law, and we met again. This time I had the opportunity to show the mail. I remember the intense hate spreading out from the attendants, the Krarups, the followers of the tyrant with no backbone as to sacrifice his friends for his own wellbeing. Abandoning the cause of enlightenment.

I won, when I had the opportunity to meet the Goliath, I won. But the so-called justice system kicked in. The last level of the justice system, the “high court” had the case presented. I waited for an invitation, but it never came. Hedegaard was freed, without the consent of my humble mail.

It was a lie, everybody knew it, it was a lie. Why? Well because Hedegaard was an insider, I was an outsider, and he could pull strings.

There was no justice. I had it all written down, black on white and the justice system defaulted it, because they wanted their hero, that is the Sancho Pancho of islamcritics to have a victory.

Coming from the outset to the end of that process, showed me the corruption of the Danish law system, it is completely corrupt, you can buy yourself political freedom if you have the right connections. It is disgusting, and another farce of a socialist system on the verge of breakdown.

A few weeks ago, my good friend. The enthralling beauty and vigorous fighter Firoozeh Bazrafkhan, a noble persian artist was convicted as a racist because she said the same things as Hedegaard in the court.

What was the difference, Firoozeh was a true hero, Hedegaard was connected.

Disgusting. That is all I have to say. The justice system of Alf Ross and the crown marshall, with all its high ideals and aspirations was and is soiled by the corrupt work of a disgusting system of law.

G-d bless the true and the just.

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