There are probably many who wonder what is really going on in Scandinavia these days. Remember Scandinavia used to be the epitome of civilization, the police used to use their time a protecting ducks wandering over the streets, and the crime rate was extremely low. Constitutional offenses were extremely rare, if they were there at all. Remember.

Compare this the rampant socialist behemoths trampling all dissidence, rampant crime as rape, theft, murder and what is worse.

What happened really? This is another corner of the defaulting socialist states or Scandinavia for critical analysis, based on my own experience; the media.

Harking back to my initial moves on the political scene, I must admit, that I was hopelessly naïf and idealistic in the beginning. I really believe, that I could change the world solely on the idealism of my own, and that the state would allow my fight for enlightenment here in Denmark. I had no idea about the methods of the state, and I did not know anything about the corruption of the media. Mind you, one of my own forefathers is the founder of the largest conservative daily Berlingske, and I come from a very, almost too aristocratic intellectual family of Denmark. So I felt, I did not want any attention really, and just tried to stay out of the limelight, and work from the behind.

Well, it never moved on from there, I just stayed in the behind, basically from the beginning.

After a few years in the resistance, I felt that I needed to move on in the world. Not that I do not like my work there, it just seemed a little too unfree to be the bad guy behind Anders Gravers all the time. So I tried to address the media, and the publishers.

That did not give my any response. So I thought, well ok, lets just start something, and see if we can attract any sponsors and help. So I made a beautiful little online newspaper. I brought news from the world to Denmark, I gave an international angle on many political issues, and I spiced it up with culture and music. Lykeon, was a blast.

It had a huge impact on the world, this was the time my initial work with Barack Obama started. The newspaper was one of the anchorstones of the Arab spring, and basically today it is a historical gem.

The reaction from the Danish media and litteraties; nil.

Well there was a profound answer to the project. Many of the ideas sifted into the Danish system through external agents. Different bloggers on the Newspapers, the politicians and other artist picked up many of the views and the ideas. In fact this trend started all the way back in my first years in the resistance. This is why Lars Hedegaard talked so much about the resistance some years back, he was one of my readers who kind of “piggybacked” on my writing.

So, the media and the litteraties despised me, but used all my ideas anyway. Pretty strange. It gave me an enormous power, but no real friends, and honestly a dishonorable existence. I had very little money, sometimes i did not have much to eat, and my house was a mess.

After working some years with Lykeon, my international career really started to lift off. For a long time, I focused mostly on the Middle East conflicts, and Obama and I were like brothers in arms. We had our difficulties, but we have, more or less worked together since the early days of his presidency. I think the election fight really kind of wore the relationship a bit thin. I felt really abused sometimes, and I suppose Barack was a little annoyed at my lack of complete loyalty. But, anyway, we won, and that was the basis the peace in the Middle East is built upon today.

Home in Denmark, my former friend Uwe Max Hansen tried to break the bubble and give me a distant role in the wannabe newspaper called “Den Fri”, aka The Free. This grandiose blog/newspaper had a complete mental breakdown because I had the audacity to write a guest blog from now and then. One of the was about love, and another of them was a scolding of the local musicians because they had threatened to kill someone. It was very critical of the Danish state, but basically I tried to convey to the young, in their own language, that they should take care, and sing about love not hate.

This gave me a complete ban from the newpaper, and stopped that inroad into the media.

Now, before that, I had a long media fight based on an interview I did with Lars Hedegaard, but that incident deserves another blogposting.

But you get the picture. I was shot off, there were no way I could say anything anywhere, at any time. Yes the international blog was allowed to stay online, one of my Danish blogs, the most conservative was shut down. I was, in all ways kept under lid.

This is done in a country famed for freedom of speech, can anyone see the irony?

Why then, was I kept out shut out and basically kept in prison in regards to my writing?

Because I was dangerous. Not in a physical sense, but because I challenged the status quo. They could not stop it completely, because a lot of other writers and intellectuals used my ideas and send them on. But it was all I was allowed too, add to this the constant persecution of the KGB, you have a bit of a predicament.

Now, people wonder what is happening in Scandinavia. This is what is happening in Scandinavia; persecution and censorship. It is not official, but it is there.

Denmark is in fact not the worst country, Norway is worse, and Sweden is much worse. At least in Denmark there is some general discussion in the media, in Sweden there is none. Sweden today is one of the most repressive countries in the world, if not the most repressive.

This is the background to the Breivik case, to my persecution, to the Hedegaard case. It is a violent and focused attempt, by the state to quell all dissidence to the state.

At the same time, the streets are filled with rape, homicide, and a fast destruction of the rule of law.

Learn and do not copy Denmark in any way.

G-d bless the staunch opponent to tyranny.

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