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rakelIn the coming fight between the Islamists of Europe and around the globe, there is one thing for certain; you guys need a leader and, so far no other than my own humble person has stepped forward. Yes there have been others, but they have either fleed, stopped or been killed. That is the result of a coward policy towards the Islamists.

Now, how am I treated. First, well let us have a look at my résumé: 1. A pro democratic, pro-Western government in Egypt (thank you Copts and Saud I Arabia and Al-Sissi). 2. A strong and perfectly safe Israel. 3. A friendly Iran (Thank you all wise Persian clerics). 3. A resurgent America. 4. A resurgent Christendom. 5. A resurgent France. 6. A resurgent England. 7. A resurgent Denmark. 8. A much wiser policy towards China. 9. A few good steps for Russia. 10. A political framework in place in Europe to pick up the Nations after the fall of The European Union. All this, and much, much more is the direct result of my writings.

Now, to be realistic. Will you be able to live without such a tremendous positive player for our Nations, or not?

Well looking at the treatment of my life, it seems not.

The last tragedy of the Danish fascist socialist state is the treatment of my person by the tax system. Remember we have rule of law. According to the most basic tenets of that, all are entitled to a stand in front of a judge if they have done something that is unlawful. Have I done something unlawful, yes I have, among other things I have had contact with foreign spies. In the beginning I did not know it was unlawful, after I learned about the problem, I stopped it, only did I keep contact with the Jews, because the Danish secret police tried to kill me, a move I had to do to keep myself alive.

Now, put me on trial for that.

No, that has not happened, now I have been persecuted by the tax system for a few years now.

Really, it does not matter much, since money is not an interest to a person who live for honour and ideology. But, still it matters a lot for my wife and my child. After all, they need to eat.

ALL possible measures to diminish my income has been taken into practice. There has not been a lot for myself, because I do not have much money anyway. We are living below the official standards of poor people here in Denmark anyway. We are not supposed to be able to live, but somehow we tackle on

This is how I am treated. Does it make any sense to you?

Not to me, and it has to change if we here in the West and East has to have a fighting chance. Face it, I am your sole card. If you manage to kill me, it is over. If you protect me, Western civilization has a fighting chance.

Can someone please call the Danish government and tell them to stop the persecution, please?

G-d bless the righteous and free.

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