Now, the first true causality of the Hamas/Palestinian war has been realized; Israel itself. Understood in the sense, that Israel is much more than just the save haven for Jews. It is also a political as well as a spiritual project.

Israel is, according to the covenant with spirit, the holy nation and is supposed to bring peace to mankind. This is basically the dream of Zionists. This is not going to work now. That is quite obvious. Perhaps after the war something will start again. But the reduced faith in Israel will take a long time to recuperate.

I off cause support the purpose of Israel as a safe haven for Jews, but I really believed that it could be both, obviously it cannot. It will remain a protection of Israelies, and not a peace project.

So what do we do, those of us who believe, that the realm of spirit should be realized here on the the earth? Those of us who dream about a raised consciousness, about mankind understanding that it is much more than just bodies, but that they are sparks of G-d living on earth?

Well, perhaps we did things in the wrong order. Perhaps we need religion to be stronger before we can realize its advent on earth. We need people to realize that G-d is not dead.

At least we can do this without the politicians of Israel, and we will continue on this course.

That means, raising the consciousness and understanding of us as human beings, with a spark of the spirit. That we are G-d. That love is the true being.

G-d bless the Israel we have lost, but will regain one way or the other.

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