Looking at the advent of religion, there is a certain mix of what we today call natural science and religion.

If we look at the genesis, there are traces of true natural science items in it. Maybe not in the biblical telling, but if you dig a little deeper, you realize, that the understanding of nature and metaphysics has always been a two sided coin.

Religion comes from Mesopotamia and Egypt. In these areas, natural science was invented, along most of what we call civilization today. And I think it was one of the losses of the dark ages that actually severed the connection between natural science and metaphysics.

Those acquainted with Plato will know this. It is not that open, but the point that G-d is intelligence, derives from Anaxagoras, a natural philosopher.

Since Plato was one of the founding metaphysicist of most religions, this is a clear link.

But also Abraham was, according to the cabbalists, a true metaphysician.

All in, to really boost religion, we need to rise the understanding of what G-d is. That includes putting him or it, into the frame of understanding we have already in our world.

We should be there when the physicists discuss big bang, multi dimensional universes and so on with our own interpretations.

This will hopefully boost the understanding of what and who we truly are.

G-d bless the will to understand.

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