Things are changing rapidly these days, from Israel, over Europe, to Russia and the US.

Often people do not see the greater picture, and therefor let me please give you my interpretation.

In Israel, things are really moving fast, but not in the right direction. I do not say this not to support, I do support, but to give you my honest interpretation.

When we were in the diaspora, since Israel seized to exist the first time, elaborate systems of survival was developed and it basically served us fine. One of the most exquisite examples of this was the fight of the Maccabees, and their victory and consequitive rise of Israel a second time. At that time we have illustrious leadership, and a beconning militia.

Over the time, a complex system of defense was evolved, giving Israel or the Jews one of the most efficient secret services, letting Jews know everything around the world.

We were experts in secrets, and were held together through a deep and very good faith.

Now, some of the qualities that held us together, actually works as deterrents. When you have a state, the secrecy and unity is not always good. One needs diplomacy to survive.

Here in Denmark, it is exactly the opposite. We have been a state for thousands of years, and survived even though we are a small state. Why? Because of an extreme ability when it comes to diplomacy. While Jews are extremely undiplomatic, Danes are far too diplomatic.

When you have a state, you need to use diplomacy to survive. This means having friends, supporting factions, reading the international game, so that you support the right side in a conflict.

Basically it is not that honourable, and it is not a call for courageous warriors. It calls for humility and adaptability.

Take the current crisis. The intense focus on winning leaves absolutely no room for diplomacy. This is simply not viable as a state.

As of now, the fighting is simply wrecking not only the standing of Israel in the eyes of most of its allies. It is also destroying the plans of its allies. I worked together with mr. Obama on the peace deal with Iran. This was supposed to be the flower of the second term of Baracks presidency. The first was then the turning of the economy, the second the peace deal with Iran.

For Obama then the deal that Israel is right now showing down the drain, is the very succes criteria of his second term presidency. That is why he is so fuming mad. You are ruining his entire second term as president. A state cannot really afford that. You do not treat your closest allies in this way.

Then you treat me with contempt as well, and the rank and files of friends get thinner and thinner. In the end Israel ends all alone, and perhaps it can survive, but I mean. Israel is not in a position where it can just disregard the few friends it has. They are not many, and those there are, should be treated well.

But then again, we are faithful, and in the end I cannot see myself abandoning Israel, it is a lifes work.

Looking a little further of the implications of Israel’s current actions. The dream of Israel, that it was supposed to be the leader of all the monotheistic religions, and we were supposed to make a new basis for all religions, as the venerable Rav Ashlag prophetized, seems to be absolutely unrealistic. Perhaps I can pull the feat, but it will never be a feat of Israel. Perhaps many years from now, but as things stand it will not happen.

But then again Ashlag did not specifically mention Israel and the founder but the chosen one, so it might work after all.

Before the ground assault, Israel was the UN of the world. Understood in the sense, that the advice we and I gave was seen as the voice of the leader of the nations.

This is not so anymore, still I hold some clout, but it is seriously diminished.

When we look at the rest of the world, we see the nazi like behavior of a lot of the Islamists living in Europe. This is a great change. Hopefully it will turn the tide on the acceptance of this despicable behavior.

I at least, will try to support a true challenging of this behavior, it is simply not acceptable.

Lastly, we are entering the fight in Europe, and I have to accept it, and try to contribute as positively and constructively as possible.

We need this to save Europe, but war is coming, at least confrontation, and it will change the face of Europe one way or the other.

G-d bless the will of the true.

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