imageThe entire international system is changing. The huge work for peace mr. Barack Obama and I have done, is not the way things are moving anymore. Signs of a catastrophic confrontation between the European states and al Queda and other Islamists organizations are appearing. Open al Queda rallies in London, open defiance of Jews in Germany by Islamist. Possible terror attacks in Norway.

I have a small dream I wish you to know about. I get these sometimes, and this one has haunted me the last few days.

I started with a conversation I had with a member of the Danish people’s party. He said, I do not want to do anything else, than giving people an entrance ticket top this show. Danish people is the right wing party of Denmark.

So I went to the show. At the show I saw this very haunting scene. It was a colossus figure, bended, but very, very strong. Also beautiful in its strong face. But it was tied and the attendees was cutting fine pieces of meat for its strong body, leaving it bloody, and dying. The most depressing and scary thing was the fact, that it did not defend itself. It was not tied physically, but somehow it did not move to defend itself.

So I have asked myself many times, what this dream was about. It is the western nations that slowly being dragged and cut into pieces. Or rather I suppose both Russia and the US is defending itself. But the Central European countries are slowly being cut to pieces.

We need to change that. That is the central task of any European politician these days. If we do not stop the onslaught of the Islamists in Europe, we will end up as the poor Christians in Syria and Iraq. If you do not believe me, put two and two together. Who are the organizations in Iran and Syria? They are either Al Queda or Al Queda related. Who are making mass rallies in Europe? The same guys.

The good news is, the coming prime minister of Denmark, is one of few remaining politicians who have not lost the will to fight. And we are working together closely.

So there is hope, but we should not let ourselves be fooled. We can loose this fight, and if we do not gather our arms, some day we will.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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