Germany is finally waking up to the same reality as the rest of Europe. Migrant rapes, infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, extremist terror attacks and so on.

We have been discussing these things in the other countries for quite a long time now. But Germany is just starting.

Let me say this as a beginning. Germany has thick walls, but not that thick.

The thickness of the walls are not endless, and now the walls are crumbling. Even the great Teutons are now in war with some pretty nasty powers of the Middle East, and need to start playing the game of international politics, in order to survive as a whole culture.

At the depth of the problems lies a trauma, that has haunted Germany since the end second world war. The trauma of nazism.

I have a lot of experience with nazism, not least as a jew, it goes with the territory.

At the other hand, I like Germany. I have been in Germany many times with my dancing group. In Braunsweich, in Coburg and Hamburg.

I have also travelled through Germany many times, in my young years when I used to hitchhike, I hiked a lot through Germany, and I have always come to like the order, the friendliness, and the festive mood of the Germans.

Compared to Denmark, Germany has a deeper connection to the Roman Empire. For a long time Germany was the Holy Roman Empire. This gives Germany a mindset of a larger nation, with a much more hierachichal bend.

In a sense, Germany is, as England a mix of viking freedom mentality and Roman discipline.

Hitler sought to formulate this culture into Social nationalism. That is, he took some things from socialism, and some things from nationalism and made a new mix.

There was just one problem, Hitler didn’t have the slightest idea about what he was doing. He didn’t know what the traditions of the vikings were, the romans were and so on.

So he made a hodgpot of a theory, that had absolutely no walk on earth.

The holy fürher ideas harks back to Egypt and their belief in a god form of a leader, the pharaoh. Nationalism was a strange mix of northern mythology and occultism. Socialism was a state driven community.

Just a lot things put together.

So, let us try to get the things straight.

Vikings were lovers of freedom, and warriors. The g-ds of old were mainly fighters, Odin the main g-d the war for wisdom and war. Thor the g-d for strength and war. Tyr the g-d for community and war.

They communed at tinge once a year and elected their kings. That is the northern root of democracy right there.

Freedom is the true value of the vikings.

At the other hand, Roman culture was, essentially sparked by the Etruscans. A strange people of Tuscany, who believed, that there was a plan in the heavens, which was essentially a plan of the earth. The important thing was to copy that heavenly plan on earth. You can still see some of the perfectly round cities in Tuscany, and you still have the ideas of the Romans in the military. The military being a Roman cultural remnant.

So, instead of going haywire with nazism, which was a hoax. My idea is, that in order for Germany to be Germany again, you need to understand your own roots.

I like Paracelsus, one of those ancient heroes of Germany. His simplicity, his quest for new ideas, his strength in conviction.

Use him as a prism for your own rebirth.

But go back to the real ideas of your forefathers, instead of all the phony ideas that Hitler had. He destroyed you, because he was a false prophet.

You need to accept that, and find yourself again.

G-d bless the will of the German people to be themselves again.

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