Democracy dies in Darkness

I must applaud the wonderful demonstration of French intellectuals from both left and right, written in le Figaro a week ago.

France is fighting its way OUT of political correctness, and is set to make a new stamp on intellectualism.

No, democratic criticism of migration and islam is not the same as racism and islamophobia.

It is criticism.

It is a testament to the quality and the breath of political thought that ALL intellectuals now wish to be set free from these chains of thought.

How can Democracy live, if there are taboos in the media? How can we be free, if we are not allowed to talk about certain things.

Off cause, we are allowed to talk about EVERYTHING!!

This is the case with the Vilks committee and Charlie Hebdo.

Just because you are a member of a certain religion, you are NOT exempt for criticism.

The blood of the martyrs are flowing the gutter.

But it is by the example of these martyrs, that the Republic will live.

To honor the heroes of Charlie Hebdo, I believe, that we should not just put up wreaths of honor, but do as they do.

Criticise, poke, enlighten.

Because, Democracy dies in Darkness, and let it be, that all the lights, that still has fire in them, light us up.

Go France!!!!!

G-d bless the will to be an enlightener.

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