Womens rights

Feminism must adhere to the trends of the time to be of real value. As when we saw in the maws of the Meetoo wave, and now as we see it in the terrible destruction that the migrants have brought to the sanctity of the female liberty.

Yes I know, that Hollywood is a liberal stronghold, yes I know that migrants have traditionally been protected by Liberals.

But, as I see it, womens right to be protected against threats to their body is MORE important than what allegiance and allies we have.

Just because you are liberal, it doesn’t give you the right to abuse women.

There is a new trend Germany, where young women stand up for their right to be free and have freedom accorded to them in public spaces.

It is a reaction to, among other things, the terrible incident in Cologne, where massive throngs of migrant men abused women. They even have an arab name for it, it is disgusting.

I believe, that morale stands above allies, and I really wholeheartedly wish for your support to this new movement of Germany.

Here is their internetpage: http://www.120db.info/en/

Women have the right of their own body, they are not supposed to be abused in any way, by anybody.

G-d bless the will to do something about this growing abuse of women.

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