The weak and the strong

I am reading a book about the Byzantine empire, or the East Romans. A certain Michael Persellus, a philosopher of the 1000 century.

He writes about the emperors of that time in a reflection of the great Plutarchs writing about classical heroes.

There is a lot of wisdom in that book.

One of the wise points in the book, that really made me understand what is going on in Europe right now, was a story about an emperor that was very weak.

He succeeded a strong leader, who had fortified the realm, and made it very rich.

So the weak and the strong leader were very much in contrast.

So the weak leader came down hard on his own people, savaging them, burning out their eyes. While as he was pampering the enemy. Giving the enemy money, bribing them, and so on.

The strong leader was simple, principled, and lead from the front.

He never used any money, but simply hoarded all the money in his vaults.

His people were happy and content, and though he was prone to rage, he was not unfair.

He was very much into all the details of statemancraft, and knew his army to the smallest detail.

So, where are we in Europe right now?

Are we weak, or are we strong?

The answer is pretty straight forward, we are weak. We pick on the wrong enemies, harass our own citizens and pamper our enemies, trying to bribe them.

A good example is the endless abuse of little girls in Rotherham. Why do we do it? Because we are weak, we do not have the courage to confront the enemy.

These pakistanis and other do it to our little girls, to scare us into submission. Because we are weak, we let them.

It will crave a will of iron, to turn the ship around, and become strong again.

But that is what we need to do, not at least to protect those little girls.

G-d bless the strength we can find, if we are honest about these things.

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