Happy Hanukkah!

Well, it is Hanukkah again. For the first time, I have actually put up a Menorah, and lit seven candles. Ok, I did not get it right, starting way too late, so I had to light five candles one day. But never mind, it is not the way of the things we do that matter most. It is that we really try our best.

We are celebrating this day of festivities, because a long time ago, Jerusalem fell, but through a miracle we got it again. So in a sense these days it is an extra wonderful thing to celebrate Hanukkah, because Jerusalem is once again recognized as the capital of Israel.

But it is also a reminder of what that means. The celebration of light, is the celebration of truth and goodness. Of being honest and giving to other people, regardless of our own needs.

This is the meaning of Hanukkah, to be a little lightbringer.

Jews are each and all of us different, we are revolutionaries and polemics. That is why we are always discussing and trying to find way to make a better world. That is how it is supposed to be, the light is not a simple or conform thing. It is a everchanging discussion on what is the up and down of the world, and how may we help those who need our help.

It is each of us who are tasked with the mission to bring that little light forth to help another nation flourish and thrive. We never give the simple or easy answers, we give the hard and complex answers, But that is because here in the material world, nothing is simple, and nothing is as it seems on the surface. We thrive under the understanding that the world is always to be understood anew.

G-d bless you all, and a happy Hanukkah!!!

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