Get going for CHANGE!

I believe, that what we need to do in the Democratic camp right now, is twofold. 

1. We need to prepare whom may be the next leaders of the Democrats for their presidential bid. I do not believe in coronations, honestly we need the grassroots to make their honest pick. But that does not mean, that we cannot start working on preparing those contenders that are here already. Bernie Sanders, Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Biden, and others. We need to prepare them for the battle of the presidential bid. 

If one charges and loses, at least we will be better prepared for the next run. In other words, we need a leadership course of some kind. I have tried to reach out for mr. Zuckerberg, I am writing a book about business and trust right now, with some of my friends, and I really wanted to ask Zuckerberg to join, but since my network is so frail and basically non existing, I can’t even find a way to ask him. I have tried to reach the US with a book release, but that seems difficult as well. Basically I am trying to reach out, but I suppose the distance is pretty wide. 

But, I will do my best to help all the contenders of the presidential bid. Then in the actual election, I will draw back, and each contender will have to fight on their own. 

2. We need to start making a new basis of the party. Renew ourselves. We have come far, but we need to develop new ideas based on the challenges the nation meets. Each candidate has his own agenda as well, but the PARTY needs a solid base it can fight from. Again, I have tried to reach the US with a book of mine, so that this process has some kind of traction besides of what I can do here from the blog. But we still need to develop, put up new ideas, understand what is going on, and make a success based on that. We have a few cards up our sleeve. We have the civil rights, we have a democratic/humanistic core, we have a possible renewal of the faiths, and we have a core socialistic idea about the commonwealth. In the UK they call it red Toryism, in the US we call it Obamanism. It’s the same, a center focused philosophy, that takes the best of each side and makes a new whole. 

Trump does the same actually, and he is winning, we should do the same, but we need good leaders. 

So, there is still some time until the bell rings for another fight, and we need to prepare. For me it is frustrating not to be able to reach the US, I am trying so hard, but that is how it is I suppose. We need to get going. 

Get GOING, for CHANGE!!!

G-d bless the will to stick your head into the maelstrom of problems and get our victorious. 

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