After reading the bulk of the book about the reformation, (it is 500 years ago and is celebrated) one of my main realizations has been academic. I truly believe, that we have become too specialized, and too far away from the true academic outset. That of Plato, and then added some of Egyptian lore through Alexandria and then conveyed through the reformation with the Medicis. 

They call it Hermetism after a Greek g-d, but it is truly just the roots of academia that has been preserved in European culture through the dark Middle Ages. 

This hermetic ideal, that we still see as alive in only one university that I know of, that of Oxford, needs a rebirth. 

Why? Because the alchemical litterature that was the seat of these ideas had many flaws, and I understand that later academics have written it off as quack ideas and superstition, still has one overriding quality, it is a universum. A whole, where all parts is an integrated part of the whole. A university in other words. 

That is what we need to get back to, an overriding idea, that encompasses the different strands of university life. 

Politics needs to be based on the same ideas as metaphysics, physics. ethics, law, business, art and so on. 

It has to be a universum. 

By going away from the partmentalization and starting to grow an awareness of the uniformity of the academic ideas perhaps a more harmonious and stable society will grow. 

We have totally lost the view of what academia truly is, and we have each been dug into little caves of our own, not understanding what is going on in the room besides us. 

That is what this whole process about renewal and academic change is about, a quest for a more harmonious and systematic foundation under our sciences. 

Not a quack, rigid system, but a system based of the very roots of academia, seen in a new light of modern day life. 

THAT is what we need, as I see it. Get to understand the world again, as a harmonious and good place for all of us. Through that we can obtain peace.

G-d bless the will to do good in a difficult situation.

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