The cities of light

I believe, that the current crisis in the humanities, is really a lack of faith in the basic tenets of humanism. 

When Swedes cover up barbaric crimes to be humanistic, then there is something completely wrong. The same goes for human sciences, where semiotics and deconstruction is still more or less the crux of the matter. 

These basic linguistic studies are ok, but there is a problem in the thought construct, when it leads to paralyzation in relation to simple questions. 

There is hope, I believe that the greatest university of England, that of Oxford is regaining a sense of proportion, and of true humanistics. That old hag of a wonder maker, that enlightener, that bowl of beauty and enigma of the magus. 

This is where the true rebirth of European thought in relation to human sciences will start. To cut all the veils away, I believe, that we need to go back to the foundation of human science, that of the Italian Renaissance of the 15’century. The human birth of Egyptian/Hellenistic ideas as described in the the hermetic texts that is the foundation of human sciences.

The poetic, soft, brilliant ideas of that temple of On, of Heliopolis. The city of light. 

We need to regain our fervent faith in the scientific light of science, that it is possible to push away the veil of Isis, and discover the truths that nature has hidden for us. 

But in order to do so, we need the best lightbringers to step forth, have no fear for their safety, and bring forth that scientific light!

Let it shine from the parapets of the old school, let the gates be opened, let each and every researcher be filled with the urge to find truth in the world, have no regard for taboos and the “how we do its”. Let them find their inner wand, and fight the darkness that surrounds us all, just because we have no faith. 

Yes, there will be a public spectacle of ridicule and antagonism, yes some will be thrown in jail for their idealism, yes people will wrinkle their noses. But this is what science is about. Not a slow decay into nothingness, but a bright, scientific blaze that will open the door to newfound faith and strength in both character of the magus and strength in the culture thus inflamed.

G-d bless the will to be honest in the face of persecution and lack of acceptance. Be strong honest and true in these times where truth is a scarce commodity.

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