The humanists

Europe is undergoing a vast changing motion these days, politically, academically and spiritually.

First of all, what is really happening? To understand this, I believe we should go back to the last time Europe really changed, and try to see the development in that light.

After many years of mismanagement and outright abuse of the European people, the renaissance took form. We still know many of the people who were the leaders of that time. Leonardo da Vinci, the Medicis, Twingli, Luther, Paracelsus, Erasmus, Calvin.

These people lived in a time that really created the first wave of European expansion.

After that there was the French Revolution that created the US, but the French Revolution owes a lot of its ideas to the reformation. The Jacobins reminds one of the Anabaptists, and the humanistic ideas of the French Revolution was really basically inspired by the humanistic revolution in northern Italy in the reformation.

That is why we see the Egyptian pyramid on the five dollar bills, because the humanists that had gone underground in Bavaria still held on to the Hermetic ideas of the Medicis.

Today we really wrestle with the ideas of the Reformation and humanitarian spirit of the quasi Egyptian ideas of the humanists.

In the sixties, we somehow dreamt of spreading all the humanistic ideas to the rest of the world, in our hubris we thought that people should just come to Europe, and they would automatically become as soft at heart as we were.

Boy, were we wrong. The humanistic ideas of the reformation has become so watered down, that we do not see, that they have become too brittle, and if people are not humanistic, they may not actually like the ideas, and keep on murdering and keeping slaves, as the Islamic State does.

This realization, that humanism is not necessarially adopted by all, comes as a great surprise to us, and frankly most people of the most humanistic countries are still in denial. Take Sweden for instance, they still cover up crimes so anti humanistic that it is just inconceivable that people can actually do so.

In the 15th century anabaptists and humanists were first put into cold water, then sliced by knives, and then put to fire after pouring brandy over them.

Today girls in Sweden are group raped, and then their abdomen is put to fire with a fiery liquid.

Same, same. The anti humanists have entered Europe, and Sweden is not interested in fighting this, despite the fact that it sees itself as a humanist country.

At the end of the day, the discussion between Luther and the humanists is the same then as it is today. Luther claimed that evil has to be stamped out with force, the humanists claimed that evil could be dispelled with dialogue.

We stand somewhere in between today. But the so-called humanists must get its act together, otherwise it is a direct insult to those heroes who sacrificed their lives five hundred years ago to teach us about humanism.

If we accept that anti human things just “has to happen”, and we do not act, with force, to protect those who are the end of that barbaric gun, we are not worthy the name. And their sacrifice would be to naught.

We need to act on this, no more acid burning, group raping, putting fire on innocent girls, this has to stop, otherwise there will be new vitriolic Luthers who will despise us for our weakness.

G-d bless the will to act on the new anti humanists of Europe.

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