Ok, mr. Trump has made Jerusalem the eternal capital of Isreal. Yes! That was a boon, thank you very much. That was a tough, ideologically driven decision with ramifications for the future. Let us see what it ends up with, but thank you! That was perfect.

At the other hand, I also understand, that this was a move for peace. How may we understand this?

Mr. Kushner, the son in law of mr. Trump is the Jewish peace envoy, and he is, if you try to understand his stance on this a man of peace. In fact I could buy him a beer in the local Kabbalah center. So again, that is truly on offer. Next time we see each other in Jerusalem, beer is on me.

The point is, that the Kabbalah prophesy of rav Ashlag is that Israel is a vehicle for peace in the sense that it will be the glue between the three monotheistic religions. That of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. If the gesture is of that, as a peace of that branch, then it is a process that all of us should celebrate. 

Next year in Jerusalem, as we did say. And here we are, hopefully it is a symbol of peace, and hopefully Israel will be as Jeremiah prophesied, the light of the nations. 

That light just got a little candle extra, and let us all celebrate for that. Because we are for Hashem, for the eternal fight against the dark lord and his sons, by the wielders of light. 

That is us, and let us put a little extra light in the Menorah, the commemorate all the sacrifices that so many Jews have done to reach this momentous point of history. 

Thank you mr. Trump, that was a wise and bold move, we stand by you, and having Jews by ones side, is not the worst in the world. 

Hashem be with you all, and may peace finally find its way to the Middle East, all the wartorn cities should find rest finally. Finally. 

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