The firebrands

In many ways we are at the same stage of development in these days, that we were in 500 years ago. 

500 years ago, the entirety of Europe was swamped in superstition, endless plagues, a completely corrupt Catholic Church. A world where charlatans and enlighteners roamed around. You could say, that the building blocks of the US were assembled at that time with great humanists as Erasmus. 

Today we have the same. Scourges of migrants wrecking the continent, a corrupt and inefficient political class, a church that does not stand up for the true victims, and enlighteners roaming around. 
Erasmus did not want to revolutionize the church in the sense that he wanted to get rid of it. He wanted, through a wise and sarcastic wit to change the system from within. 

At the other hand Luther was the true revolutionary firebrand who wanted to change it all. Who won at that time?

This is not to say anything wrong about Luther, he did manage to cleanse his world, and he created something lasting and beautiful. Protestantism. 

My point is just, do we want to make a total rejection of the state as it is right now, or do we Change the system from within. 

In this sense, I do stand where Erasmus stood, but as long as my ideas are not implemented, the call for a Luther just gets louder and louder. 

The reformation was an awfully bloody spectacle, and we risk by not doing anything, and being sucked up in endless fruitless debacles about this or that, that my vision runs out, and the Luthers win the day. 

Britain First and their rejection of EDL is a pretty good example of that. 

By not doing anything, EDL and its ideas are slowly going into the background, and a more radical vision wins the day. 

This is not to diminish the outrage that is behind Britain First, it is a call for the establishment in order to make it realise, that in order to survive, it needs to tackle the corruption, and the sloth and the inactivity. 

At least this is what we can learn from history, and as they say, unless you learn from history, it tends to repeat itself.

G-d bless the will to engage in history and learn from it.

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