What to do now

I have been given the crisis in the British public regarding Britain First some thought.

First of all, if you feel that you are not heard, and everybody seem to accept that your country just goes downhill. It is truly understandable, that you end up not giving a damn, and then just throw all decency out of the window. 

That is, more or less, what the footballers, hooligans and exservicemen of Britain First is doing. 

I understand that. 

At the other hand, I also understand the need to distance oneself from people with a fascist background. Seriously England has always fought against that. 

When I introduced my ideas of a pro patriotic, Viking freedom loving anti islaimist theory. Everybody went on that boat, and it worked. 

Right now, we are talking with the very founders of Democracy, the Human Rights council, and they accept the premises. Because they are wise, balanced and human. 

So in essence, it was a huge success. Everybody agrees to that. OK EDL fell apart after a long ardorous walk of mr. Robinson, but the ideas have become mainstream. 

Then what I think is really the solution to the current predicament, is actually DOING something about the problems. 

It is not enough to recognize that there is a problem, you also have to do something about it. 

Making more surveillance is not going to solve the problems. It requires broad masculine soldierlike types to tackle all the violence of the Islamists. 

And the Islamists need to find somewhere else to live than in a Democracy. 

To take the wind out of the footballers fight, the state should start acting, doing something. 

With that, the footballers will feel that they are heard, and they will stop the uptick in violent rethorics and confrontation. 

Here in Denmark, we do a lot to give people who are frustrated with the current development a statesponsored and legitimate way to organize and help. It is called the Hjemmevaernet or home defense. 

In this way the state has a way to organize the protest, and also use the good people that are willing to defend their country in the actual defense. 

Instead of pitting the Patriots and the state against each other, we collaborate and try to work towards the same goal.

But truly what has caused the problems is the inactivity of the government, because the government has been to occupied with Brexit, and lost the momentum on home defense. 

Having the eye on both balls is pretty difficult, but it is necessary. 

Our experience here in Denmark is, that there is a lot of red tape to cut through. But it is possible, and it has given the initiative to the state instead of leaving it to the people of the street.

That is really what it is all about, keeping the initiative in this fight. 

Don’t lose sight of the aim, a secure and humanistic democracy. And start acting towards that goal, sooner rather than later. 

The world is watching, so there is no getting around it. 

Please, look at this from at humane perspective, and use the necessary means to keep the peace. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in a very, very difficult situation.

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