I think each church, synagogue or mosque should find something in the lore of the monotheistic religions for themselves. Conditions change, and what will work here, will not work there, or the other way around. But there are some of those themes, that are universal, and all houses of worship should remember from time to time.

There is a saying, that when Akhenaten was with his family, it was all peaceful. At least, that is what you can deduce from the pictures of his grave tomb. Families holding hands, daughter, father, sibling. This peace was a healing thing. Whenever we look at these people, we know, that deep under our religions, there is that rock bottom of faith. This is healing.

The Anglican church is in great danger of falling into pieces. Why? Because there is little faith. I remember the discussion in Oxford where rev. Brian Mountford sold a book on the crisis of the atheists in the face of the church and vice versa. It seems the Anglican church has become an empty shell.

But what is really the deep sanctient truth of the Anglican church? My forefathers came from Angles here in Denmark, and those who traveled from Denmark to England thousands of years ago, where my forefathers. Now vikings, as they are called, have a bad rep. You would then ascertain, that the deepest roots of that being Anglican is rotten. But I beg you to differ. Our forefathers where not villains, yes they were fighters and there were bandits among them. But to themselves, they held one virtue very much to their breast; the virtue of kin. Kin was the basis of their world. Their forefathers, their brothers, and their cousins. With them, they always wanted peace, so strongly, that they were willing to fight for that peace.

In this lie a truth, that will salvage the Anglican Church. The peace that Anglicans offer, is not a meek or a unmoving peace. It is an active peace. Peace is not won by prayer only, but by going out in the world, and changing it. Be with the suffering, help where help is needed. But also by supporting those who are in danger of succumbing in war.

There is another great virtue of the Anglican church, that I really like. That of it being a church of healing.

If nothing else, then do heal. Heal the community that you serve. But how do you do that? You do it by being strong in your own faith.

Why would people go to the church at sunday? To hear a boring lecture of how to behave, or listen to long psalms? No, many people are suffering, they come to hear a small word, that may lift their spirit. That word, that may give them the ability to face another week, suffering, being sick, having a joyless job, being in a difficult situation.

That healing, that Jesus Christ gave, was not a unmoving healing, something to forget about, it was an active healing. He came, and he gave.

As when he did it on a sunday, though it was forbidden and pharisees decided to take his life.

That is the true example that could redeem the Anglican Church. Heal, by faith the world that you serve, wherever is may be.

G-d bless the Anglican Church.

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