According to the german philosopher Schopenhauer, inquiry into something may rest on an honest basis, that is trying to find truth, or rest un an basically primitive and self-aware basis, that is to win the argument.

Here we have the sophists on one hand, and the true academics on the other hand. He argues, in the same line as Machiavelli, that such a thing as an honest quest for truth is not possible, as soon as you counterpart starts to fight for his point of view without any concern for the truth, the truhtseeking part will fail. So, it is better, the argument goes, to be the ones that attack, gaining an early advantage.

Sophism is everywhere these days, especially in the media, that seem have forgotten all the ideals of Voltaire, and delves into a full-blown heuristic discourse or dialectics.

The worst example is the poor little boy found dead at the beach a few weeks back, the media went all ballistic about it. At the same time, numerous sexual attacks were reported in Munich both, and that was most extensively, on other refugees, but German girls were also targeted making Munich one big brothel.

So, the media put all the focus on the one angle ignoring the other angle, making it extremely difficult for the public to truly decipher what was going on, and even worse for policy makers to make any serious decisions onto the matter.

This is a clear example of sophism. The media tends to be overwhelmingly liberal, focusing on the migrants/refugees as victims, not taking into consideration, that some of them are not victims, but in the same league as many of the bandits that roam in Africa and Middle East, Boko Haram, IS and so on.

The point is, it is a difficult situation at best, and very difficult truly. Just seeing things in a simple light may gain a feeling of superiority and a win in the political battle between conservatives and liberal. But this is too perilous a situation to throw in attacks from left to right. People are needing and generations of young women, some of them abused for years, are left in the cold because of this stupid war between left and right. We need to help these people, not tend our own little projects and power.

Well, to hope for a rational discourse is perhaps a little difficult in the situation with all the feelings running amok. But at least policy makers should keep a cool head, and act according to the maximum humanistic path. We both have to help the true refugees, and we need to protect the poor women at pray from evil men.

G-d bless the willingness to see things as they are, in the light of the creator.

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