It seems to me, that the cards are played differently this time. As we wind down the road, fighting IS, it actually happens that this cause will unite us all.

The atrocities, the immoral behaviour is obvious to all. It comes to the extreme that it might actually solve the Syrian crisis. If we can unite in the area, we can make peace in most of Syria, and actually stop the conflict.

This enhances the probability of a solution to the European crisis of migration. Remember the refugees in Europe comes from Syria. If the crisis is solved, the migration crisis in Europe is also solved, at least for the part of refugees that come from Syria.

All in all, it is like one of those games where all the pieces of the puzzle seem confusing in the beginning, but then all of a sudden, everything just comes together.

If this actually works, we will have peace in the Middle East, and the road is paved for a religious process uniting all three monotheistic religions.

Just like that, what a beautiful thing. It must be the work of G-d, otherwise we could not have seen such a thing.

We should look to spirit and thank him for this opportunity of peace.

G-d bless the wisdom of the almighty.

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