In order to end the refugee streaming over the borders, a good cooperation with Assad and a hospitable understanding in the vicinity is important.

We should ask Assad what he thinks. I mean, it is his citizens that are fleeing the horrors of his country, so we need to understand what he would like us to do as well.

One thing is the need of the refugees, but what about the need of Syria? If the entire middle class flees to Germany, who will help rebuilding Syria when the war is over?

Things are not so simple, and we need to understand this in depth.

As the peace process endures and hopefully concludes in a solution where all who want peace hold their hands for a better future of The Middle East. Hopefully we can all focus on stopping the atrocities of IS, and thereby stop the warring in Syria.

It is about the power you have at your disposal, and how you use it.

We need to help the peace in Syria, in order to stop all the suffering of the people of Syria.

Things are going quite well for mr. Barack Obama in this regard, and hopefully we can crown it with a lasting peace. It will not be easy, but it is possible.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we try.

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