To be Anglican

At the synod in the Anglican church, we need to focus on two things. One; how to heal a fractured church, that feels alienated internally. Healing is here the answer. That is, trying to reach each other in dialogue, and also try and heal the wounds of controversies in earlier times.

Two; there is the very difficult problems of the clash between the islamic extremists of Sahara and the Christians in Middle Africa. These clashes are extremely violent, and we need to help them. Here I think the Anglican should be, well; Anglican. To be Anglican is not to be meek and receiving, it is to fight.

We need, as a church and as the international society, to help the Anglicans who are in harms way with the fight they are fighting. Protect them, so that they can have peace.

G-d bless the will to work in the light of the creator.

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