Europe and the migrant crisis

Well, after all the chaos of the discussion of the 160.000 refugees/migrants, at least Europe is stepping in the right direction.

Here are my recommendations.

1. Doing things in the Middle East is like putting your hand inside a wasps nest. It is a hive of minds so ancient we have no idea, or rather, few of us have some idea, but it demands a thorough understanding of Middle Eastern Culture, history and most important of all; religion. There has ever only been one single European individual who have ever had any success, that is Lawrence of Arabia, exactly because he had these qualities. Now you have me, so you have a chance.
2. Going into the Middle East, is going into a quagmire of world power interests. We cannot, as Europe, lift much in terms of political capital. We are competing with China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the US, and most important of all; Israel. So forget about going to the Middle East as great saviours, we have some money, that is it. Apart from that, all you have, is me.
3. We have been working on a peace plan for quite some time. The entire foreing policy of mr. Barack Obama hinges on this. That is, we are trying to mend fences with Russia and Iran. This has come a long way, if it works, it will be the single greatest achievement of Obamas foreign policy, in fact the greatest achievement of his, at all. So, we should be very careful not to ruin this. If we do, we will ruin most of the good will we have with the US. Not to mention alienating Putin even more.

So it is one of those extremely difficult processes that you simply cannot do alone. First of all, Europe does not have any political capital to mention worldwide. Mostly because the European Union is such a mess, and nobody wants to work with a looser, sorry but that is the reality of it all. Secondly, the anti Israel stance that most of the ruling elite in the EU has, is very much noticed in Tel Aviv, and not having a good relationship with Israel, rules out doing anything in the Middle East. Israel is the hub, and only if Israel and Israeli policy makers are satisfied, can we do anything at all. Lucky for you, I have saved Israel numerous times, so I have an amassed political capital that I have tried to use making peace. I will use it as well in defusing the migrant crisis, if I get hands on through the UN. Otherwise I will focus only on the Middle Eastern peace proces. I owe this to my friends in Washington, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Teheran, Moscow and Riyadh.

Anyway, I do understand that some politicians in Europe do not like me much, I have never hidden my dislike for the European Union. But to make this work, you need me.

So, call the UN, plug me in, or cancel the project.

G-d bless the will of the almighty working according to the principle of Sodom and Gomorra.

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