Ten years after the Mohammad crisis

12049157_1659233554294828_3114983351182976306_nThese days, it is the ten year anniversary for the Mohammad cartoon crisis. In a strange way, we revisit all he feelings and all the mental turmoil of that time, and in a way we see who the real enemies are; the weak and traitorous European states and what we have seen as “Islamic State”.

One of my good friends made a piece of art yesterday, or rather a happening. What he did was mounting a “islamic stats flag” on a pole, and wanted to tie this to a statue of a troll. The symbolism was a reference to all the Christians who are at prey in the Middle East, by the Islamic state.

Now, what would you expect from such a happening. That the Islamic state came and did something about it? To the contrary, they were much more interested in another exhibition of SIAD where Anders Gravers exhibited a number of drawings of Mohammad.

So who then took affair, when Islamic state was too weak (after we have been bombing them for may years), you guess it, the Danish police!They came and put my painter friend in handcuffs and took him to the police station. For doing something that is a praise of our armed forces in The Middle East!

But it goes deeper. It is the cowardice of not only the police, but also the media, who chose not to give the ten year anniversary any attention (except for Jyllands Posten). The schools, the cultural institutions, any of the states activities.

In this we can see, that it is not the Islamic State only that we fight, it is the cowardice of our own state and all its representatives. All the people who have no guts and are afraid that they may be at the end of the barrel one day.

So let us all show solidarity with all the victims of Islamic State. All those poor souls, be it Yazidi or Christian as they have been slaughtered and put to the cross. As we, as lonely souls are all that care. The state fights us, showing that what they are, is dysfunct. They do not work in the interest of the people anymore, and certainly not of Christians. They are so afraid of the Islamic State, that they rush out to do their dirty work, even though the Islamic state does not have the ressources! Oh the irony.

G-d bless all the victims of the savages persecuting the weak.

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